SEMA 2014

MSD Performance Unveils Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold

LAS VEGAS, NV–MSD Performance officially entered the air/fuel market today with the announcement of its Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold.

The intake manifold – the first ever sold by MSD – was unveiled this afternoon at a press conference at the SEMA Show.

MSD claims proven gains of more than 20 horsepower when bolted on a stock application. The Atomic Air Force showed even larger gains when dyno tested on the Lingenfelter LS7 Camaro L28 (36 horsepower at the rear wheels and 16 ft-lbs torque).

MSD President Russell Stephens said the company has worked hard to straighten the runners out.

“We wanted to make airflow on the top of the runner equal to airflow on the bottom of the runner. The bell-mouth has been opened up to maximize airflow through the intake manifold,” Stephens said.

Nitrous ports were added to the design, and “the two-piece intake design provides the ability to port and modify runners for specific applications,” according to MSD’s press release.

The throttle bore accepts the OEM throttle body as well as aftermarket designs up to 103mm.

MSD says the Atomic AirForce will be available in January for the LS7 (2014 Camaro, 2006-13 Corvette Z06), LS1, LS2, and LS6 platforms, and LS33/L99 platforms.

It will be available next Spring for the LT1 (2014-15 Corvette).


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  1. Do they or are they going to make it for the cathedral port heads

  2. What is the price point for the ls2 engine .and is the intake compatible with all cold air intake system

  3. Now I know what type of ignition system not to buy for any of my cars. Because all I own are the best, MOPAR

  4. ^^ Lame……

  5. Mopar the best!? Lol

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  7. It states above that the intake will be ready in January . I called MSD and was told April for the LS3 intake

  8. make one for Gen 1 Small Blocks!

  9. Which brackets are used to relocate the msd coils.

  10. I have the msd intake but I want those relocation brackets shown in the picture for an ls2 2007 vette base.

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