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SEMA Vehicle

DEI, an expert manufacturer in performance thermal products and manufacturer of Boom Mat performance acoustic products, will feature this year at the 2014 SEMA Show a custom built, bare metal, 1923 Track T Roadster, built by Jerry Magnuson of TrackMaster Products (TMP). The T Roadster will be located in the DEI booth, #20013, throughout the show.

This eye-catching roadster built by Magnuson, founder of Magnuson Superchargers and past builder of Indy cars, demonstrates how DEI and Boom Mat products together control heat and sound.

A host of Boom Mat and DEI products are featured including Boom Mat’s new improved and thicker vibration damping material in combination with Under Carpet UC Lite™ thermal insulation and sound absorber. Both products were installed on the floor boards, firewall, footwells and doors.  Leather Look™ Sound Barrier was installed in the trunk to block noise from outside and under the car and provide a finished wear surface.

Magnuson also included DEI Floor & Tunnel Shield II™ to the transmission tunnel and firewall to reflect and insulate unwanted heat from the engine and transmission. Various DEI line and hose protective sleeving were installed to protect sensitive electronic components, as well as Titanium header wrap, side pipe heat shields, plug boot protectors and Reflect-A-GOLD on the engine side of the firewall serving as an additional heat barrier.

Tom Miller, DEI’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing, says, “Jerry’s objective was to build an ultra-high performance vehicle that was equally at home on the street or track. DEI and its Boom Mat brand of materials were his products of choice for sound deadening and thermal control to handle heat, road noise, and structural borne vibration in this open chassis roadster. The T Roadster is a beauty and gives our staff a way to easily show what can be done with street rods to quiet the ride, protect electrical components from extreme hot or cold and add comfort for it’s occupants.”

The Track T styling harkens back to the day when T roadsters were racing on oval tracks. They used midget race car-style noses with channeled Model T bodies. The TMP roadster follows the same theme with a hand-formed aluminum nose, three-piece hood and a hand-formed steel body. Space is at a premium as the driver literally sits down between the frame rails next to the driveline tunnel, and with their feet almost against the firewall.

The chassis features hand-formed frame rails tied together with a monocoque driveline tunnel. An aluminum coil/over, four-link rear suspension mounts a quick-change rear end directly to the monocoque structure. A hidden, composite transverse mono-leaf spring suspends an eight-pound billet aluminum front axle with huge Wilwood brakes tucked behind custom TMP knock-off wheels. A 480hp LS3 crate engine upgraded to 530-horsepower with a Borla/Holley stack injector system sends power through a Legend SS700 five-speed. Weighing just 1,600 pounds, the TMP track roadster can outperform many supercars in acceleration, cornering and braking.

To see the roadster visit DEI’s booth at the 2014 SEMA show, #20013.

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Author: David Fuller

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