PRO30053006TCometic Gasket‘s 2003-08 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke MLx head gasket utilizes an integrated “stopper” layer for superior combustion chamber sealing and improved clamp load around the cylinder without increasing bore distortion. MLx gaskets are ideal for diesel applications that continuously see elevated cylinder pressures from forced induction and heavy work loads.  StreetPro top end and bottom end gasket kits are also available.


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Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.