How will Larry Larson’s highly anticipated Pro Mod S10 do at Hot Rod Drag Week?

What about defending Drag Week champ Tom Bailey and his 1969 Camaro? And what about guys like Jeff Lutz and Doug Cline?  There’s always plenty of drama during Drag Week, which explains why the event has exploded in popularity. It also explains why the guys over at BangShift have decided to provide a streaming broadcast from all the tracks on this year’s event.

Click over to BangShift’s live streaming coverage below for more daytime drama than General Hospital and Days of Our Lives combined.

Hard to believe, we know.

Drag Week Live Broadcast from BangShift

In case you don’t know: Drag Week challenges competitors to drive 1,000-plus miles from track-to-track and then race down the quarter-mile at each track for the most points. The five-day event takes place at four different tracks, with vehicles being driven on public roads in between tracks. The ultimate goal is to crown the Quickest and Fastest Street Car in America. You can learn more about the rules and regulations at

In case you missed it: After day one in Tulsa, OK, Tom Bailey leads the way with a low ET of 6.542 seconds at 203 miles-per-hour.

Author: David Fuller

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