We asked.

And you responded.

For the past two weeks you’ve given your opinions on everything from the best engines to the best automotive forums and television shows. Those opinions determined the winners of the first annual OnAllCylinders Reader’s Choice Awards, which covered 14 different categories.

As expected, your opinions didn’t always line up with the four nominees in each category. And you weren’t afraid to channel your inner Kanye West and tell us why our choices were wrong, either. That’s why we’ve decided to note some of the top write-in vote-getters with each category below.

The winners are…

Big-block-engine-winnerBest Big Block Engine

Winner: Big Block Chevrolet (396-454)

Where’s the Boss? What about the big block Buick and Oldsmobile? You sort of cared, but it really didn’t matter because the big block Bowtie reigned supreme over the second place 426 HEMI in this vote.

Nominees (finish): Big block Chevrolet (1), 426 HEMI, (2) Ford FE (3), Chrysler B/RB (4)

Top Write-Ins: Ford Boss 429, Ford 385, Oldsmobile 455

60s-muscle-car-winnerBest 1960s Muscle Car

Winner: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

Clearly, you liked the Chevrolet Camaro (even if many don’t consider it a muscle car). The many different years and designs–COPO, Yenko, etc.–added up to a second-place finish.

Nominees: 1969 Pontiac GTO “the Judge” (3), 1969 Dodge Charger R/T (1), 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt (5), 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner (4)

Top Write-Ins: 1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro, 1969 Chevelle SS396, 1964 Pontiac GTO

top-forums-winnerTop Automotive Forum

Winner: LS1 Tech

Two things were clear: 1) LS1 Tech was your winner, and 2) you really don’t care about forums as this was our lowest voted-on category.

Nominees: YellowBullet (3), LS1 Tech (1), The H.A.M.B. (2), Pirate 4×4 (4)

Top Write-Ins: Nasty Z/28

Best-Power-Adder-winnerBest Power Adder

Winner: Supercharger

“Why is propane injection even on here,” one reader asked. We added it to round out our field of four nominees–and it finished right behind stickers/decals for best power adder.

Sorry Hank Hill.

Nominees: Supercharger (1), turbocharger (2), nitrous oxide (3), propane injection (5)

Top Write-Ins: Stickers/decals 

vehicle-style-winnerBest Hot Rod Build Style

Winner: Pro Street

Wasn’t Pro Street pronounced dead several years ago? Nope–not according to you. In fact, this genre is still a crowd pleaser, at least among our readers.

Nominees: Pro Street (1), Pro Touring (2), Rat-Rod (3), Restoration (4)

Top Write-Ins: Resto-mod, Gasser

small-block-engine-winnerTop Small Block Engine

Winner: Gen I Small Block Chevrolet

It’s not fancy, but the Gen I small block Chevy remains the everyman’s engine. There’s about a gazillion available–roughly one for every vote the venerable engine received by readers.

Nominees: Gen I Chevy (265-400) (1), Ford Windsor (289-302-351) (3) , GM LS (Gen III/IV) (2), Chrysler LA (4)

Top Write-Ins: Ford Cleveland, Ford Coyote 5.0L

70s-muscle-car-winnerBest 70s Muscle Car

Winner: 1970 Chevelle SS454

Thank goodness for 1970. This year gave us the best in 1970s muscle cars–before the gas crisis and emissions rules made things all weird.

Nominees: 1970 Chevelle SS454 (1), 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda (2), 1970 Buick GSX (4), 1972 Chevrolet Nova (3)

Top Write-Ins: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429, 1970 Pontiac GTO

tv-show-winnerBest Automotive /Hot Rodding Television Show

Winner: Top Gear BBC

The original Top Gear heads the list of best television shows, according to readers, but we’re still big Rutledge fans around here. Just sayin’.

Nominees: PowerNation (6), Fast n Loud (2), Overhaulin’ (4), Top Gear BBC (1)

Top Write-Ins: Roadkill, Street Outlawz, Counting Cars

bolt-on-winnerGreatest Bolt-On Performance Modification

Winner: Headers

We were going for budget bolt-on modifications here, and you chose headers as the winner. However, many of you astutely pointed out that all four of our nominees together would be the best bang-for-buck modification of all.

Nominees: Cold air intake, cat-back exhaust system, carburetor/throttle body (2), headers (1)

Top Write-Ins: Supercharger, all of the above

late-model-car-winnerBest Late-Model Muscle Car

Winner: Dodge Challenger SRT

Lots of fighting between Ford and Chevy guys, along with the new SRT Hellcat, helped make the Challenger SRT the king of late-model muscle.

Nominees: Dodge Challenger SRT (1), Ford Mustang Boss 302 (2), Chevrolet Camaro SS (3)

Top Write-Ins: Ford Shelby GT500, Camaro Z/28

brands-winnerMost Iconic Aftermarket Brand

Winner: Edelbrock

Is a name more synonymous with hot rodding than Edelbrock? You didn’t think so.

Nominees: Edelbrock (1), Mickey Thompson (3), Offenhauser (4), Isky Racing Cams

Top Write-Ins: Holley, Ford Racing, Hurst

trucks-winnerBest Late-Model Truck

Winner: RAM 2500 with Cummins diesel

There are lots of exciting things going on with the pickup truck market, but the RAM 2500 with Cummins diesel engine got you most excited. Not bad for a make that didn’t exist on its own just a decade ago.

Nominees: RAM 2500 with Cummins (1), Ford F-150 Ecoboost, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (3), Dodge RAM 1500 HEMI (4)

Top Write-Ins: Ford non-Ecoboost, Toyota models


Best Current Hot Rod Builder

Winner: Chip Foose

Star power helps. Chip Foose won this thing in a runaway, but guys like Fast n Loud’s Aaron Kaufman, Roadkills’ David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, and even Danny Koker of Counting Cars fame got significant write-in votes.

Nominees: Chip Foose (1), Troy Trepanier (2), Denny Terzich, Jr. (3), JF Launier (4)

Top Write-Ins: Ring Brothers, Aaron Kaufman, David Freiburger/Mike Finnegan

pioneer-winnerOnAllCylinders Pioneer Award

Winner: Carroll Shelby

It’s hard to argue with any of our nominees–or your winner, Carroll Shelby. Icon.

Nominees: Carroll Shelby (1), Don Garlits (2), Wally Parks (4), Vic Edelbrock, Sr. (3)

Top Write-Ins: Smokey Yunick, Don Yenko, Henry Ford

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Author: David Fuller

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