After a year hiatus from Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, Larry Larson returns in 2014.

Our friends at BangShift not only unveiled Larson’s evil plans for this year’s Drag Week, they revealed that they’re partners in crime. Larson and BangShift’s Chad Reynolds have partnered up on this 1998 Pro Mod S10. Aside from winning another Drag Week, the goal for the S10 is to go nuclear on the low ET record by a street-legal vehicle.

The truck, called Reason #8, features a one-off Larry Larson Race Cars-built 25.2 chassis and tons of fabrication done in Larson’s shop.

Larson has always believed that real “street cars” need to be steel, or at least start life as an actual car with a VIN number. That’s why the S10 has a factory VIN and retains its factory steel roof, cab, and quarters. Using parts from aftermarket companies like Summit Racing, Larson and Reynolds intend to show the masses what a real street car can do.

So what are the exact goals? And what type of power will the truck make?

Reynolds says they’ll share more information and specs in the coming days, as well as more build photos. For now, you can see more photos at BangShift, along with a Q&A with Larson and Reynolds.


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Author: David Fuller

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