Chances are this is the first 1937 Lincoln pickup you’ve laid your eyes on.

That’s because this is likely the only one in existence. Lincoln never produced a pickup in 1937 so Ken Lempert took matters into his own hands over 75 years after the fact. Starting with a 1937 Ford pickup truck and 1938 Lincoln passenger car, Lempert created this one-of-a-kind Lincoln truck back in 2013.

And the truck is a hotrod down to the core.

Lempert and his team flipped the doors around to give the truck a set of suicide doors, created their own truck bed with a nicely finished wood bed floor, and molded 1940 Ford fenders to the sides. The truck then got disc brakes in all four corners with a Ford 9-inch rear end and an independent front suspension in the front. This exceptional Lincoln pickup is powered by a small block Chevrolet that is topped off with three Stromberg carburetors to give the truck that classic look.

The disc brakes and coilovers are not the only modern conveniences Lempert put into his truck. For example, the window cranks aren’t window cranks at all, but switches for power windows. In addition to the side windows operating, the front windshield has retained the original vent feature and opens up for additional airflow through the cab.  The leather interior is really top notch, extending the classic looks from the outside to the inside.

What makes this 1937 Lincoln Pickup unique is not only the marriage of the two automobiles to create one, but at the 2013 Piston Powered Autorama, automotive students from the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center in Brecksville, OH completely assembled the truck in 21 hours–all while at the show.

Watch the video for a closer look.


Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders