Carl Rufener of Suffield, OH has given a whole new meaning to the term “barn finds.”

An avid collector of vintage tractors, Rufener’s property includes three huge barns full of old restored (and functioning) tractors that the 76-year-old has been collecting since 1987.

A total of 70 tractors to be exact.

It’s not hard to unearth these barn finds as Rufener puts the tractors out on display for a week or two every July and welcomes visitors who want a closer look. The collection started when Rufener purchased a 1950 CO-OP tractor like the one he and his dad rode on during his childhood. From there, it grew to include 25 different makes dating back to the 1930s, along with a one-off tractor Rufener built from five different models.

Rufener enjoys sharing his tractors with the community, but he says he’s put them on display for the last time.

Most of the collection will go up for auction this October.

OnAllCylinders’ Sean Cutright stopped by Rufener’s tractor display and took a bunch of photos. You can browse those above, and then check out the Akron Beacon Journal’s story on the Rufener’s display here.





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Author: David Fuller

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