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Match Game: Match These Classic Hood Ornaments to their Vehicle

Back when factory automobiles were works of art, they were often crowned by elaborate hood ornaments.

Over the past few decades, hood ornaments have all but disappeared from factory vehicles. However, you can still enjoy the majesty of the automotive industry’s best and most ornate hood ornaments. Companies like Genuine Hotrod Hardware offer a full line of hood ornament sculptures to finish off your desk or den. The chrome-plated sculptures have all the details of the originals at about half the size.

Instead of just showing the different hood ornaments, we thought we’d challenge you to a match game. Scroll through the different ornaments below, try to match them to the vehicles underneath the images, and then see how many you got right.

The Hood Ornaments












The Vehicle Models

A. 1932 Chrysler, B. 1930 Packard, C. 1931 Buick Mercury, D. 1934 Ford, E. 1933 Pontiac, F. 1926 Pierce-Arrow, G. 1931 Cadillac, H. 1928 Ford, I. 1931 Chevrolet, J. 1935 Auburn.

The Answers

1. B, 2. A, 3. G, 4. C, 5. F, 6. I, 7. E, 8. D, 9. H, 10. J

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