A parking lot is a parking lot is a parking lot—unless it’s the Summit Racing parking lot. On any given day or time, the lot outside a Summit Racing store can turn into an impromptu mini car show, depending on who’s stopped by the store. Each Wednesday, we’ll share our parking lot find of the week—another benefit of being Powered by Summit Racing Equipment.

aqua green 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck, driver side
aqua green 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck
aqua green 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck at summit racing in akron
summit racing sign behind 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck grille
aqua green 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck, front grille
aqua green 1969 chevy c10 pickup truck, rear passenger side


For our money, the second generation C-series pickup is the greatest generation of Chevrolet pickups.

Apparently, many readers agree because they named the second-gen C10 (specifically the 1967) as their ultimate truck in our Fantasy Garage campaign last fall. Featuring simple, clean styling and heavy-duty features, the 1967-72 “Action Line” pickups can be the perfect canvas for sport truck build or classic restoration. And because of their popularity, there are plenty of aftermarket parts available for both projects!

We spotted this 1969 Chevrolet C10 recently. The 1969 is discernible from the 1970 model only by its grille, which features an “egg crate” insert. In 1970, Chevrolet added subtle vertical striping to the insert, essentially separating the egg crate design into six sections.



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Author: David Fuller

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