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Muscle Car Match-Ups Finals: ’69 Chevy Yenko Nova vs. ’70 HEMI ‘Cuda


It’s a Mopar versus Chevy final.

Just one year removed from an all-Ford championship in last year’s Muscle Car Match-Ups tournament, you’ve voted the 1969 Chevrolet Yenko 427 Nova into the finals where it will face the 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda for the 2014 crown.

Vote now for your champion. Here is the finals match-up:

1969 Yenko 427 Nova

1969 Yenko 427 Nova

There were only 37 of them produced for the 1969 model year. It could go zero to 60 in just four seconds. It cranked out 425 horsepower while being the lightest of all of the Chevy Yenko 427 cars produced. And it has consistently been voted by Summit Racing fans as your all-time favorite muscle car.

Is the Nova the favorite?

1970 HEMI ‘Cuda

1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda

This fish introduced the world to Mopar’s E-body and gave us a distinctive shaker we hadn’t seen before. Oh, and that thing’s got a HEMI in it. While it’s one of the most-popular and beloved muscle cars ever (some people insist on calling it a pony—have fun with that), one wonders if it can muster enough support from Mopar enthusiasts and others to carry it to victory.

We’ll know soon enough!


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