You complained about the Shelby Cobra not being a muscle car. It’s gone.

You called the Camaro Z/28 a pony car. It’s also gone.

You voiced your displeasure at the AMC being, well–an AMC. It too is gone.

One-by-one, you’ve weeded out the also-rans and pretenders to whittle our field of 16 down to four–the Final Four. Since you’ve come this far, it’s your civic duty as a nitro-breathing, gasoline-bleeding gearhead to finish the mission of naming our 2014 Muscle Car Match-Ups champion.

But just so you know, things are about to get trickier. Just three cubic inches separate our four contenders for this year’s crown. Will the number of this year’s beast be 426, 427, 428, or 429?

Take a look at the pairings and make your call.

Final Four Pairings

1967 KR8 Tasca Mustang  vs. 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda

Tasca-vs-CudaThe champion of the BangShift region, the 1967 KR8 Tasca Mustang has history on its side. This game-changing Mustang spawned the entire Ford Cobra Jet movement and encountered very little resistance in the first two rounds–unless you count complaints about it not being a production vehicle. Things get a little tougher now thanks to a semi-final battle with the legendary 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda. The battle-tested HEMI ‘Cuda survived a Cyclone and dodged a HEMI Dart to win a very tough OnAllCylinders region (if we do say so ourselves).

1969 Boss 429 Mustang vs. 1969 Yenko 427 Nova

boss-vs-novaA classic Ford versus Chevy battle!

Last year’s bridesmaid (we mean that figuratively, Chevy fans), the 1969 Boss 429 finished as the runner-up in 2013. Thanks to the guys at Power AutoMedia, the Boss has returned to make another run at the title this year. Standing in its way: the 1969 Yenko 427 Nova. The choice of Summit Racing Facebook Fans, the Yenko Nova knocked out the defending champ Cobra and trounced the powerhouse Chevelle 454SS.

Bowtie or Blue Oval? Let your voice be heard!

How to Vote

Again, you can cast your vote in one of three ways:

  • Write all your Final Four picks in the comments section below.
  • Follow OnAllCylinders on Facebook and vote on each individual match-up when we post it. You make your pick by commenting on your favorite.
  • Follow Summit Racing Equipment’s Facebook page. Our friends at Summit Racing will post the individual, head-to-head match-ups, and you can comment on your favorite to vote.

Vote now for your favorite remaining muscle car–or to show your support for your BangShift, Power AutoMedia, OnAllCylinders, or fellow enthusiasts.



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Author: David Fuller

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