biathlonBefore we wrap up the wildly popular OnAllCylinders Winter Games with our closing ceremonies, we’re proud to bring you the biathlon.

It totally makes sense.

It combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting, which makes almost as much sense as doing a Winter Olympics spin-off about cars and trucks.

But the spirit of the competition isn’t lost on us. It’s about showcasing skill and competence at more than one thing.

And that’s what the vehicles we’ve selected for this event do as well—they get it done on a variety of levels.

In this biathlon, we’re looking for the best all-purpose vehicle.

Go ahead and vote in the comments section below.

The Contenders

Humvee (H1)


We’re not talking about those oversized luxury rides like the one LeBron James’ mom bought him with no money when he was 17 years old. We’re talking about these tougher-than-nails, tank-like military vehicles, with occasional heavy guns on top. Real biathletes use .22-caliber rifles. These babies include mounting hardware for BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles and Mk 19 grenade launchers.

Polaris RZR

polaris rzr

It lacks the firepower of the Humvee, but there’s almost nowhere it can’t go. The Polaris RZR might be the ultimate all-purpose vehicle for pure fun and excitement, and you can get your hands on one for about $130,000 less than a militarized Humvee. So, that’s something. It’s a lifestyle decision really. Like the choice to be a biathlete.

Jeep Wrangler

jeep rubicon

It’s the only responsible vehicle choice for anyone interested in The Jeep Wave™.

The Jeep Wrangler really is an amazing vehicle, especially with the introduction of the extended four-door Unlimited version.

It can serve as a family vehicle, a capable winter vehicle during cold-weather and snowy driving, it can expertly climb mountains and in and out of swamplands, and it provides a fun alternative to convertibles for open-air summer driving by removing the top, the doors, and your inhibitions.

It’s a personal favorite of some OAC staffers. And if it’s a personal favorite of yours, give it a gold-medal shout in the comments.

Ford SVT Raptor 

Ford svt raptor

Powered by a 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter V8, the Ford SVT Raptor is a no-nonsense off-road machine capable of high-speed racing, dune running, mud bogging, rock crawling and getting girlfriends. And not just any girlfriend. The kind that likes to do all that rad stuff. A keeper!

If you’re into the whole Jurassic thing—or just like the sound of angry pterodactyls—maybe the Raptor is the vehicle for you.

Range Rover

Range Rover green

What’s that you say? You don’t like British vehicles?

You better cheque yourself before you wreck yourself!

The Range Rover has been an automotive titan of the off-road since coming on the scene in 1970. That’s 44 years of awesomeness straight from the U.K.

Is the Range Rover your favourite? We’re going to have some tea and biscuits while we mull this one over.

What’s the best all-purpose vehicle of all time?



Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.