Remember when the Jamaican bobsled team made its debut at the 1988 Winter Games?

The team took the Winter Games by storm, because they were lovable underdogs and represented a tropical nation in a winter sport. Up to that point, Jamaicans fit in at the Winter Games like Miley Cyrus at a Billy Graham Crusade.

People were captivated.

The point is anything is possible at the Winter Games—especially the OnAllCylinders Winter Games. For example, you could swap out all the two-man bobsleds for sports cars to determine the best two-seater of all time, right?

It made sense to us at the time, so we’re going with it. And we’re putting the Jamaicans in a Mazda Miata—because Rastafarians can have midlife crises, too.

Size up our competitors for Best 2-Seaters of All Time and then tell us who takes home the gold in the comments section below.

The Contenders

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda Miata at a Car Show
(Image/OnAllCylinders – Lori Sams)

All kidding aside, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has been a favorite worldwide since its debut in 1989. Based on the Italian and British roadsters of the 1960s, the front engine/rear-wheel drive Miata is the best-selling two-seat convertible sports car in history.

Mazda has produced three distinct generations of the Miata, proving it doesn’t take a midlife crisis to own a Miata (as the joke goes). It just takes good taste.


Chevrolet C1 Corvette

green 1962 chevy corvette custom
(Image/Summit Racing)

The granddaddy of all two-seat sports cars in America, the Chevrolet C1 Corvette (1953-62) helped usher in the era of the small block Chevrolet. The C1 started one of the longest running models in American history and remains one of the most collectible cars on the market.


Honda S2000

blue honda s2000 convertible at car show

The Honda S2000 was manufactured from 1999 through 2009 and received several awards, including:

  • Best Affordable Sports Car by U.S. News and World Reports in 2008 and 2009.
  • Named one of Road & Track’s Best All-Round Sports Cars.
  • One of Jalopnik’s 10 Best Cars of the Decade.

Is it gold medal worthy? You tell us.


Shelby Cobra MKIII

1966 shelby cobra 427
(Image/OnAllCylinders – Will Schertz)

Part British, part American, the Shelby Cobra is all-world.

How bad is the Shelby Cobra? This two-seater came out of nowhere to win the inaugural OnAllCylinders Muscle Car Match-Ups in 2013. And we’re not even sure it’s technically a muscle car, even though it packs 427 cubic inches worth of V8 muscle under the hood.

Does it deserve a gold medal to go with its Muscle Car Match-Ups trophy? It’s up to you.


Nissan 370Z

nissan 370z 2008 press photo

Available in coupe and roadster designs, the Nissan 370Z was introduced in 2009 as a continuation of Nissan’s 350Z model. However, nearly every piece of the 370Z was changed or redesigned from its predecessor, including a 3.7L DOHC V6 engine, 6-speed manual transmission option with a revolutionary synchronized downshift rev-matching system, double wishbone front suspension, front aluminum subframe, and more.

The result is a very nimble and surprisingly powerful threat to the bobsled gold.

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Author: David Fuller

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