1971 Dodge Charger in Plum Crazy Purple
purple 1955 chevy bel air
1970 Plymouth hemi cuda in plum crazy purple
plum crazy late model dodge challenger at car show
purple hot rod sedan parked on the street
late mode purple plum crazy dodge challenger r/t
purple first gen dodge challenger
purple Plymouth duster drag car
Purple Plum Crazy Dodge 1968 coronet Super Bee
custom purple mercury lead sled with chameleon paint
purple custom prewar ford roadster hot rod
vintage purple prewar hot rod pickup truck
purple hot rod sedan parked on street
purple chevy impala lowrider with hydraulic suspension
purple dodge challenger srt at SEMA
custom streamlined purple 3 wheel prewar roadster
purple chopped and lowered prewar hot rod coupe
custom lowrider postwar GM Coupe
customized purple chevy lowrider coupe from the 1960s
Purple ford woody wagon hot rod
custom purple and white lowered LS swap 1955 chevy
1969 chevy chevelle with flamed paint job
Chevy Camaro second gen RS doing a wheelstand at a dragstrip
custom ford show car roadster at SEMA
Purple customized hot rod truck
purple dodge challenger srt at SEMA
Purple Hot Rod Pickup truck at summit racing
Classic hot rod pickup truck at a car show
Customized 1960s era pontiac catalina coupe


(Image/Brian Kreuser Photography)

February 4 is World Cancer Day.

Purple has been designated the official color to signify cancer survival, so we’ve put together this gallery of purple (and purplish) vehicles to mark World Cancer Day. While we hope you enjoy the cars and trucks in the gallery, we’d also love for you to check out these important links:

You’ll find important facts and resources about cancer and learn more about how you can promote cancer awareness.

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Author: David Fuller

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