Are you ready for some football?

The “Big Game” is still three days away, but many of the Super Bowl commercials have been strategically posted to YouTube. We took the liberty of finding all the automotive-related spots and have posted them conveniently below. We then took the further liberty of ranking them from first to worst—at least according to us.

Don’t agree with our assessment? Feel free to go all Richard Sherman on us in the comments section below. Better yet, call a Peyton Manning-style audible and re-rank them for us.


#1: Audi: Doberhuahua

2: Volkswagen: Algorithm Teaser

3: Toyota: Joyride Full Length

4: Volkswagen: Wings

5: CarMax: Slow Clap

#6: Chevrolet: Romance

#7: Hyundai: Dad’s Sixth Sense

#8: Jaguar: British Villains


#9: Kia: The Truth

#10: Hyundai: Nice

#11: Jaguar: Rendezvous


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Author: David Fuller

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