Quick—before the tryptophan sets in: How many vehicles can you think of that are named after birds?

We’ve assembled a few of our favorites that’ll wake you up and raise your adrenaline—even after your second round of Thanksgiving stuffing. Depending on who you ask, there might be a couple of turkeys in there, too. Either way, feast on these 35 octane-powered, rubber-burning birds:

1968 Green Roadrunner 5
1968 Firebird
1964 GT Hawk
58 Packard Hawk
56 Thunderbird
Back Camera
Back Camera
iPhone Auto Pictures 3010
Detroit Autorama II 522
All Mopar Show 011
All Ford Show 028
2000 Trans Am
All Mopar Show 2012 214
Blue Suede Cruise_0147
1970 Buick Skylark
1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona
76 trans am 008
66 Skylark
70.5 Firebird
1995 Firehawk
2000 Firebird TA
StudebakerPackard Show 2012 147
<Digimax S800 / Kenox S800 data-lazy-src=
1960 Studebaker Lark
Batmobiles 014

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

1968 Pontiac Firebird

1964 Studebaker GT Hawk

1958 Packard Hawk

1956 Ford Thunderbird

AMC Eagle

Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbirds

Plymouth Superbird

1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero

Eagle Talon

1965 Ford Falcon

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Jeep Golden Eagle

Plymouth Superbird

Datsun Bluebird 910

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

1966 Ford Thunderbird

2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Ford Falcon

1970 Buick Skylark

1969 Pontiac Firebird Custom 2-Door Coupe

1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona

1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1966 Buick Skylark

1970 1/2 Pontiac Firebird

1961 Ford Falcon

1995 Pontiac Firehawk

2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1954 Studebaker Lark Wagon

1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk

1960 Studebaker Lark

Studebaker Golden Hawk

The Batmobile???

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