Thank a vet.

It’s easy enough on Veterans Day…or Memorial Day…or even July 4.

But it’s something I don’t do enough. I don’t take the appropriate time to thank the veterans in my family, at work, or even living right next door. In short, showing appreciation for veterans hasn’t exactly become a habit for me.

And it should.

In one week, I’ll have the opportunity to form a new habit when I visit American troops in the Middle East. Summit Racing is once again sending a contingency of motorsports personalities on Operation Appreciation, its annual visit with U.S. Military personnel overseas. This year’s trip will include stops on various bases around the Middle East—right next door to places of turmoil. Like last year, the group will consist of Pro Stock drivers Greg Anderson and Jason Line, monster truck driver Dan Runte, Pro Stock motorcycle drivers Eddie Krawiec and Andrew Hines. And me.

Which one of these is not like the others?

No matter, because I feel very privileged to tag along and meet with American heroes at work. It’s a chance to tell them how much they’re appreciated and to thank them every day of the trip. And maybe it’s a chance for me to form a whole new habit.

Watch for coverage of the trip here at OnAllCylinders. Until then, here are few more tributes to our past and present military:

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Author: David Fuller

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