Anyone who has attended an NHRA drag race knows it’s a multi-sensory experience.

You can watch the races on TV, but there’s nothing quite like actually feeling the power of the Top Fuelers or Funny Cars as they literally shake the ground beneath you. Now, the NHRA is aiming to bring that track -side feeling to your living room by bringing you broadcasts in “4D.”

NHRA announced today that The Guitammer Company, more commonly known by their “ButtKicker” and “4D Sports” brands, has signed a multi-year agreement to become a marketing partner with NHRA. Working together with NHRA and ESPN, Guitammer is now delivering the first-ever tactile enhanced sports show to NHRA’s national audience during the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series telecasts on ESPN2.

“NHRA is the fastest, most powerful motorsports on the planet,” said Gary Darcy, senior vice president of sales and marketing for NHRA. “It is also the most sensory sport and through this innovative technology, fans will be able to ‘feel’ the cars in their living rooms. This provides a great way for NHRA to connect to our fans at home and give them a taste of the ‘real experience’ of attending an NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event.”

You can learn more about “4D Sports” at www.shakemycouch.com. Essentially, the process uses wireless sensors attached to the race cars to capture the power and vibration the driver feels. Through the company’s patented 4D process, that feeling is added to the broadcast you watch at home via special subwoofers.

“We believe this is a significant milestone in our efforts to commercialize our broadcast technology,” Guitammer President Mark Luden said. “The NHRA is an ideal starting point for us and we are very committed to providing new ways to bring the thrill of racing to the fans at home.”

In addition to the technology advancements in broadcast television the partnership delivers, Guitammer will have an interactive display in NHRA’s Manufacturers Midway demonstrating their “4D Sports powered by Buttkicker” technology and products, and will advertise elements in the ESPN telecasts.




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Author: David Fuller

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