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Chevrolet Silverado Named Consumer Reports Top Truck…Sort Of…Maybe?!?!


Consumer Reports has named the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado its top-rated truck, but the RAM 1500 may actually be the better automobile.

Say what?

According to Consumer Reports, the Silverado and RAM were neck-and-neck in its latest battery of tests to determine the top truck. The new Silverado excelled in many areas that are important to pickup owners. It has a larger bed, greater payload capacity, and can tow more weight than the second place RAM. However, Consumer Reports cited the RAM’s comfortable seats, friendly control layout, and overall quickness as reasons why it excels as a commuter vehicle or family truck.

Check out Consumer Reports article for more information on the test, including information on fuel efficiency. It brings up an interesting question: In your opinion, what is the most important attribute of a late model truck? Performance? Looks? Payload? Accessories?

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