House with a triple garage

The pick is in!

In the first round of our Fantasy Garage draft, where we asked you to pick your top vehicle in six different categories to create the ultimate garage, you chose the 1941 Willys as your top street rod/classic. The choice is so good, it could actually fill two spots in our garage–if we had a race vehicle category.

As most hot rodders know, the Willys rose to prominence on American dragstrips in the 1960s. Due to its lightweight design, the Willys coupe became a top target for racers looking to combine a steroided powerplant into a lightweight chassis and body. By the 1960s, thanks in part to the popularity of the Willys coupe, the NHRA created a separate Supercharged Gas Coupe class.

The Gasser movement was in full swing, and the 1941 Willys was seemingly the poster car for the class.

The versatile Willys coupe (we’ll take ours with HEMI power, Roots blower, and drag slicks) looks equally at home at car shows and cruise-ins, too. Its distinctive styling has made it wildly popular among the show car crowd and has earned it a spot as one of America’s quintessential street rods. The 1941 Willys has been immortalized in books, graced the cover of high-profile magazines, and inspired some unique, classic automobilia, including:

I mean, how many hot rods have their own weathervane?

The Final Vote (Street Rod/Classic)

  1. 1941 Willys
  2. 1948-50 Mercury
  3. 1955-57 Chevrolet

 Tomorrow: Pick #2 (Classic Muscle Car)




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Author: David Fuller

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