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American hot rods and drive-in movie theatres go together like hipsters and upscale coffee shops.

Unfortunately, like many other slices of Americana, the drive-in theatre seems to be on its way out. And now a new and imminent threat has arisen for America’s remaining drive-ins: digital projection. Soon to be the only way feature movies are released, digital projection requires expensive upgrades to equipment priced beyond the means of most drive-ins.

Ironically, it’s the folks at Honda who are coming to the rescue of the country’s remaining drive-in movie theatres.

Honda launched Project Drive-In to help raise awareness of this latest threat to drive-in theatres. By visiting the website, you can vote to save a drive-in in your area, contribute to a fund that hopes to offset the cost of new equipment for theatres, pledge to visit a local drive-in this season, and download support material to help raise awareness of the issue.

For its part, Honda will donate five digital projection systems to the facilities that get the most votes.

Get out and support your local drive-in movie theatre this Labor Day weekend. Here are some items that can help you enhance your experience:

Drive-In Movies Checklist

Folding Chairs–get there early and enjoy the evening!

Vintage Metal Cooler–if you’re bringing a few of your own drinks, you need a way to keep ’em cool.

Heated Travel Blanket–stay comfortable if there’s a nip in the air!

Flashlights–make it to the snack bar or restrooms in one piece!

Flickin’ Chicken Game–if you’ve got room to stretch out, give the evening a tailgate feel with some fun games!



Author: David Fuller

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