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Photo Gallery: Hot August Nights Downtown Parade

Reno NV. — What’s better than a parade?

How about a parade that consists of custom street rods instead of floats… muscle cars instead of marching bands… giant motorized shopping carts instead of fire trucks? Sound like your kind of parade?

That’s what goes on every evening on Reno’s Virginia St. during Hot August Nights. Although the official Hot August Nights parade takes place on Sunday, there’s a parade of rods, customs, and muscle each evening under the iconic lighted Reno arch.

No trailer queens here. Just fast, loud, tire-scorching, flame-throwing American iron. There’s no better place to spend a Hot August Night. We captured the scene—see the gallery above.

Special thanks to Lori Sams for the photos.



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  1. Warren Dottl says:

    you are not very specific as to exactly when and what street the big parade is on

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