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Video: Ford Racing’s 5.0L Aluminator Crate Engine Build

Want to bump up the performance in your naturally-aspirated 2011-14 Mustang… take your GT the forced induction route… swap a Coyote into your street rod?

Ford Racing has you covered with its line of 5.0L Aluminator crate motors for naturally aspirated and supercharged applications.

The Ford Racing crate engines feature beefed up internals from Mahle, Manley, and ARP and come with Boss 302 valve springs and a tuned composite Mustang GT intake manifold. In addition, the engine for forced induction has its compression ratio lowered 9.5:1 for supercharged applications. We could tell you a whole lot more, but isn’t it better to see how the 5.0L Aluminator comes together?

Check out this video from the Aluminator crate engine build line in Livonia, MI.



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