Your votes are in…

We asked you to vote from our list of Top 10 Cars and Top 10 Trucks of Super Summit 2013, and you’ve named the winners. We highlighted the top three Super Summit cars and trucks below. Uniquely enough, you included all three major American auto companies–Ford, Chevy and Chrysler–in both the car and truck voting.

So, without further ado, your top three favorite Super Summit cars and trucks are…


Top 3 Cars:

1. 1969 Ford Mustang

1969 Ford Mustang
Reader Comments:
“Awesome Mustang!” – Rich A.
“I’ve really got to try and finish my car! That is awesome!” – Andrew S.


2. 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

1970 Plymouth 'Cuda
Reader Comments:
“Beautiful Cuda, a real Mopar.” – Kenneth R.
“That’s what I call a beautiful Muscle Car, I bet it hauls — too! -Audrey J.


3. Chevrolet Nova

Chevrolet Nova
Reader Comments:
“Nice!! Beauty paint job!” – Mark C.
“Love it, wish it was mine though.” – Brian D.


Top 3 Trucks:

1. Dodge Ram 3500 Dually

Dodge Ram 3500 Dually
Reader Comments:
“I want this for my birthday!” – James K.
“54’s are very big tires.” – Jason F.


2. 1955 Ford F-100

1955 Ford F-100
Reader Comments:
“All about the slant cab F100, baby!” – Jeremy A.
“Love the fat fender ford trucks.” – Tim Z.


3. 1967 Chevrolet C-10

1967 Chevrolet C-10
Reader Comments:
“Owned one 30 years ago, same color, same dog-dish hubcaps. 283 CID 3 on the tree manual, only truck I ever had that got over 20 MPG” – Mark T.



Author: Sean Cutright

Sean Cutright is the Managing Editor.