A parking lot is a parking lot is a parking lot—unless it’s the Summit Racing parking lot. On any given day or time, the lot outside a Summit Racing store can turn into an impromptu mini car show, depending on who’s stopped by the store. Each Wednesday, we’ll share our parking lot find of the week—another benefit of being Powered by Summit Racing Equipment.

We don’t know exactly what the future holds for the Mustang platform, but we do know this first generation popularized the compact, ponycar concept in America. The 1967 Mustang was actually slightly longer and wider than the original 1964-66 ponies, but maintained the same basic body design and styling of its predecessors. The fastback version you see here was slightly altered, bringing the fastback lines all the way to the rear of the trunk..

While the world awaits the unveiling of the latest iteration of the Ford Mustang for 2015, we’re going back to the beginning for this Lot Shotsalmost.

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Author: David Fuller

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