A parking lot is a parking lot is a parking lot—unless it’s the Summit Racing parking lot. On any given day or time, the lot outside a Summit Racing store can turn into an impromptu mini car show, depending on who’s stopped by the store. Each Wednesday, we’ll share our parking lot find of the week—another benefit of being Powered by Summit Racing Equipment.

By 1972, the muscle car era was on the decline in America. High performance vehicles would soon be replaced with gas-sipping, emissions-friendly cars and smaller displacement engines, but not before Mopar E-bodies and GM A-bodies would have a little more time in the sun.

The GM X-body platform also gave us the third-generation Chevrolet Nova.

The 1972 Chevrolet Nova, which shared its body style with the less popular Pontiac Ventura, Oldsmobile Omega, and Buick Apollo X-bodies, was one of the highest-selling versions of the Nova ever. Judging by the amount of ’72 Novas we see at car shows, it remains one of the more popular GM classics of all time, too. Well—perhaps next to the 1985 Nova.

What do you think of this ’72 Nova we recently spotted at Summit Racing’s world headquarters?



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Author: David Fuller

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