Photo courtesy of John Morrow at

Photo courtesy of John Morrow at

We need your help!

It’s prom season, the perfect time to break out dad’s hot rod. Some of us were fortunate enough to take our dad’s C4 Corvette or first-generation Ford Mustang to our proms.

What did you take to prom, or what are your kids currently taking?

Please send us any prom photos you or your kids have in front of the vehicles they’re taking, or if you’re older—photos of you and your date and/or friends in front of whatever you took to prom way back when.

Classic American muscle? Total clunker? Exotic import? Limo? Late-model family van? Doesn’t matter. We just want the photos so we can put this thing up to a vote and determine the top vehicle choice for prom season.

If you have prom photos—whether they’re from this year, or 30 years ago—we’re dying to see them and share them with everyone else.

Please submit your prom car photos to the OnAllCylinders Facebook page or the Summit Racing Equipment Facebook page, or email them to us at onallcylinders[at]

Be safe out there, ladies and gentlemen.



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Author: Matt Griswold

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