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We Have a Winner! 2013 Muscle Car Match-Ups Champion Announced!


The Chinese calendar says 2013 is the Year of the Snake.

So do you—at least according to the results of our inaugural Muscle Car Match-Ups tournament.

You’ve voted and made the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 the first-ever Muscle Car Match-Ups champion. The Cobra overcame incredible odds to earn the championship, including near exclusion from the original field of 16. After much internal debate about labeling the Cobra as a muscle car, we opted to include this big block-powered Carroll Shelby creation as bonified American muscle. And you justified the decision by voting it to victories over two Mopars, a Rat-powered Chevrolet, and the wildly popular Boss 429.

Ultimately, the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 was your choice as 2013 Muscle Car Match-Ups Champion. The contest was not fixed. There was no conspiracy with Ford (or the creators of the Chinese calendar). And we carefully tallied and re-tallied the votes—your votes—which ultimately crowned the Shelby Cobra.

Happy? Sad? Got smoke coming from your ears? The debate rages on and the madness continues next March with the second annual OnAllCylinders Muscle Car Match-Ups. The 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 will be back to defend its throne against its top competition—and some new faces (Firebird… Cyclone… HEMI Dart anyone?).

Just a word of warning to the anti-Ford crowd—2014 is the year of the Horse. You’d better vote early and often!


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