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engine block on a stand
bottom end rotating assembly in a race engine
piston and connecting rod assembly
engine with cylinder heads on stand
valvetrain in a race engine cylinder head
engine going into a 1967 Plymouth Satellite
1967 Plymouth Satellite

Custom offset 1.6:1 ratio rocker assembly.

Nice-looking Mopar, Jim Hoover. Really nice.


Jim Hoover bought his 1967 Plymouth Satellite from a woman in Texas liquidating her father’s estate. While we question her judgment, Hoover was pleased with the Mopar’s condition, calling it a “really solid, typical Texas car.”

After being shipped from Texas to Ohio, Hoover fixed a small dent in the passenger front fender around the wheel opening then painted the car with single-stage white paint to “keep it old-school looking.”

“I appreciate the less-glossy finish of the old single-stage paints from the 60s,” he said.

The car came with the original factory three-speed manual transmission.

“I was going to put a four-speed in it since the pedals and everything were already there, but I ended up building a 727 Torqueflite with a manual Cheetah valve body ‘reverse pattern’ so the wife could drive it too,” he said.

This 440-powered Satellite runs mid-10s in the quarter mile, so this Mopar is not to be trifled with. Hoover is installing a cage this summer to comply with track safety standards.

“RULES!” he laughs in mocked disappointment.

You don’t see many Satellites running around these days. It’s a joy to see this one. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

Engine Specs

Engine Block: Chrysler 440 bored .030-inch over stock

Rotating Assembly: Standard stroke steel crankshaft, SCAT H-Beam connecting rods, Sealed Power Speed-Pro forged aluminum dome pistons

Cylinder Heads: Edelbrock Victor, Fel-Pro head gaskets (.040-inch compressed thickness)

Cam and Valvetrain: Mopar Performance mechanical camshaft solid flat tappet (.590-inch lift, 265-degree duration), 1.6:1-ratio offset roller rockers, 2.25-inch intake/ 1.81-inch exhaust valves

InductionHolley double pumper 850 cfm carburetor, Edelbrock Victor intake manifold 4150

Ignition and ElectricalMallory ignition, MSD ignition coilAutolite spark plugs

Exhaust: TTi Performance with two-inch primary headers and stainless steel H-pipe back to the rear axle

Transmission: 727 Torqueflite with a Turbo Action Cheetah reverse pattern manual valve body

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