Memes are everywhere.

They’re on the Internet. They’re in your inbox and on your Facebook news feed. They’re taped up on cubicle walls and used as PC desktop backgrounds.

Memes come in all varieties, too.

They can be funny, cute, angry, thought-provoking, and head-scratching.

You know…memes. (Yeah, some of us didn’t know what a meme was until recently either).

Maybe it was that guy with the beard from the Dos Equis commericals, or that dude from Futurama, or just some random person failing at life, but chances are you’ve seen one (or several hundred) on the Internet or via email from your friends or crazy uncle.

The best way to explain a meme is to just show you a few examples, so we’ve assembled our 11 favorite automotive memes:

#11: The HEMI

Judges’ Comments: We know Chevy guys and Ford guys are wondering how this one made the cut, but the concept is solid. Apparently, Mopar guys were just quicker to climb on board the meme train than the Blue Oval and Bowtie crowd. Who knew?

Hemi Meme

#10: Still Plays with Blocks

Judges’ Comments: Let’s face it—our cars are our toys. And this meme nails that theme perfectly!


 #9: American Muscle Cars

Judges’ Comments: It’s really hard to argue the logic here. Looking at the vintage Nova, it’s pretty tough to envision guys like McQueen, Newman, or Clint Eastwood rocking a Prius. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



 #8: Money Can’t Buy Happiness…

Judges’ Comments: Car parts=happiness. We follow the logic—and it seems perfectly sound.Car Parts


 #7: Getting on the Freeway

Judges’ Comments: There’s nothing better than taking the restrictor plate off the old Red Dragon and seeking out the nearest highway on-ramp. Outside of the dragstrip, we can’t think of a better place to really blow the carbon out our throttle bodies.



 #6: Family Time

Judges’ Comments: They grow up so fast…one minute they’re tinkering with their Big Wheels; the next they’re straddlin’ a crotch rocket and sportin’ a full sleeve of tattoos. Where does the time go?Family Races Together

 #5: Auto Addiction

Judges’ Comments: Is it an addiction or a disease…or both? Either way, there’s no cure so just enjoy being a car junkie. Feed your habit here, degenerate.More Car Parts

 #4: Bouquet of Internals

Judges’ Comments: A bouquet made from car parts? “Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t such a stupid, made-up holiday, after all,” said just about every man in the history of the roses

 #3: The Minivan

Judges’ Comments: Who invited the soccer mom to the Foghat concert? Just kidding Camaro guys—we love the new (and old generation) Camaros!Minivan

 #2: Pickup Lines

Judges’ Comments: We can’t see the end of the line. Is it followed by a slap, a knee to the groin, or a drink thrown in our face?Best-pick-up-line-ever-meme-472x310

 #1: Love Story

 Judges’ Comment: Yeah, so take that moody pre-teens!eleanor

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Author: David Fuller

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