Trick Flow Specialties introduced a series of new products for GM and Ford applications at the SEMA Show today:

GenX 255 Square Port Cylinder Heads for GM LS3

Trick Flow engineers combined the best features of GM’s LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads with its own unique brand of race-winning engineering and technology to create the ultimate square port LS cylinder head for 4.000-inch and larger bore engines—the GenX 255.

The heads feature fully CNC Competition Ported square port runners with a premium high resolution surface finish for maximum airflow and performance potential. The valve angles have been changed from 15-degree to 12-degree to increase piston-to-valve clearance and allow the use of larger camshafts. The coolant holes through the head deck were redesigned to work with all LS head gasket and engine block combinations. Stock LS3 ports accommodate LS3-style intake manifolds and LS9/LSA blower assemblies. They’re available fully assembled or as bare castings.

Twisted Wedge and Twisted Wedge Track Heat 170 Cylinder Heads for Small Ford

These A356-T61 aluminum castings have been redesigned on the exhaust side to improve strength and water jacket integrity for durability in street and entry level strip applications. Plus, all of the unique features that made Twisted Wedge series heads so dominant in high performance and racing are still here—patented Twisted Wedge combustion chambers and valve layout, high-flow/high-velocity intake runners, and top-quality valvetrain components—all combined with new CNC-profiled combustion chambers with port-to-valve seat blending (bowl blending) and refined Fast As Cast runners that deliver near-CNC-ported power and airflow at cast head prices.

The heads fit small block Ford engines and are available fully assembled or as bare castings. Twisted Wedge 170 heads are 50-state emissions-legal under CARB E.O. number D-369-18 for 1996 and earlier Ford 289, 302, and 351W engines.

Track Heat Intake Manifold for Ford Clevor

Trick Flow’s newest Track Heat intake manifold for Ford Clevor engines is designed for aftermarket Windsor blocks with a 9.200-inch deck height for street/strip engines operating in the 3,000 to 7,000 rpm range.

The high-rise, one-piece spider design features high-flowing individual extended runners that provide significant horsepower and torque increases in the mid- to high-rpm range and a raised plenum floor for increased flow velocity and fuel atomization. Utilizing Ford’s 2V port locations and dimensions and durable A319 aluminum construction, the manifold also includes bosses for nitrous or fuel injection nozzles and extra material for custom port work. Overall height to the carburetor mounting pad is 6.625 inches—works with all 2V and 4V applications.

Other Trick Flow Products Unveiled

Track Max Race Camshafts

R-Series Intake Manifolds

R-Series Tall Deck Intake Manifolds

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Author: David Fuller

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