1966 Dodge Charger, front passenger side quarter
1966 Dodge Charger, front grille and bumper
1966 Dodge Charger, grille
1966 Dodge Charger, rear taillights and trunk deck
1966 Dodge Charger, rear deck
1966 Dodge Charger, close up of fratzog emblem
1966 Dodge Charger, grille
1966 Dodge Charger, front passenger side


In our recent Top 10 TV cars post, we rated The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee as the #1 television car of all time. But as any television or movie star knows, there’s nothing worse than being typecast into the same role over and over again.

As further proof you don’t need to be a Dixie-lovin’, Daisy Dukes-wearin’, General Lee lunchbox-totin’ Dukes of Hazzard fan to appreciate classic Dodge Chargers, we offer up this 1966 Charger found at Summit Racing. While its owner, Dave, has owned this B-body since the 1970s and likes to autocross it from time to time, the similarities pretty much stop there. This Charger sports the original 1966-67 body style and drastically different hue than the television star. And yes, the doors open and close.

It’s just another reminder that the Charger had a life long before Hollywood—and quite a nice one at that.

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Author: David Fuller

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