They’re not for everyone. But they are for us.

Like almost everything with four wheels and a combustion engine, these vintage Studebakers have our attention.

For those of us too young to remember these beauties as a relatively common sight on American roadways, it’s always such a treat to stumble upon one.

But this past weekend, no stumbling was required.

Owners of these classics were kind enough to gather at Summit Racing in Tallmadge, OH for the Studebaker/Packard show to share these treasures with the rest of us.

You can check out our Packard photo gallery here.

Meanwhile, please enjoy these fantastic Studebakers!

vintage studebaker coupe with hood up
studebaker hawk gt coupe, white
vintage bullet nose studebaker sedan
studebaker lark V8 convertible coupe
1941 studebaker rat rod coupe
1946 studebaker m5 pickup truck, red and black
1946 studebaker m5 pickup truck
1950 bullet nose studebaker sedan with suicide doors
1953 studebaker coupe
1957 studebaker commander sedan
1966 studebaker daytona coupe
Studebaker avanti coupe
bullet nose Studebaker el camino mashup
custom Studebaker sport coupe
studebaker champ hot rod coupe
1963 studebaker hawk gt
studebaker gt coupe
green custom studebaker truck corvette mashup
Studebaker golf cart
vintage studebaker hawk
vintage studebaker daytona coupe
a pair of studebaker avanti sports cars
1961 studebaker hawk
Black Studebaker President
1953 Studebaker Champion
White 1963 Studebaker Avanti Coupe at Summit Racing Car Show
studebaker bullet noise convertible
hot rod studebaker coupe with custom wheels
side view of a studebaker coupe
1949 Studebaker pickup truck
vintage Studebaker stake bed truck
1961 Studebaker Lark wagon
Studebaker Wagon at Car Show
low profile view of studebaker bullet nose coupe
1948 studebaker sedan at car show
vintage studebaker coupe at car show
White Studebaker pickup truck


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Author: Matt Griswold

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