If you happen to be driving in the Northeast this weekend, do NOT be alarmed if you see a couple of gorillas driving a sedan…

Or some WWE wrestlers piloting a convertible down a country road…

Or maybe some bearded cheerleaders behind the wheel of a mini-van.

OK, you can be a little alarmed. But just know it’s all part of the Rental Car Rally, a 15-hour road rally that will zig-zag from New York City to Montreal. This weekend’s trip is the ninth Rental Car Rally, which brings together nearly 30 costumed teams that compete for the coveted “golden gas pump.”

During the rally, teams stop at mandatory checkpoints–the team with the best outfits and lowest odometer reading at the end of the race wins the gas pump and $1,000 (in $1 bills). Oh yeah, there’s dancing on cars, highway egg fights, and other craziness along way, culminating with a big party at the end. Even the Wall Street Journal was fascinated by the concept!

So if you see crazed clowns crammed into a pickup truck, simply move to your right and let them pass.

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Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.