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Rat’s Nest: Super Summit Rat Rod Gallery

Rat rods–you either love ’em or hate ’em.

Personally, we love them here at OnAllCylinders. Don’t get us wrong–we also love a stunning, show-quality street rod with a miles-deep custom finish…or a pristine, restored street machine or truck from the 1950s…or a resto-modded muscle car.

We love them all–including those charmingly ratty rat rods. They’re imperfect (like us)…they’re works in progress (like us)…they’re old and crusty (like some of us)…and they’re often done on an everyman’s budget. And behind all that rust and patina, they often feature some of the most creative hot rodding and ingenious details you’ll find. Valves as door hinges? Old license plates as door panels? Beer taps as shifter handles?

You gotta love it, don’t you?


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