Whether you like classic American haulers, ground-scraping sport trucks, or insanely lifted off-road rigs, you could find something to pique your interest at Super Summit 2012. Take a look through our gallery of Super Summit trucks below:

White Chevy pickup truck
Blue 1963 Chevy truck
GMC pickup truck with lift kit
Purple classic Chevy pickup truck
1961 Chevy pickup truck
Classic grey Chevy truck with pinstripes
White 1972 Chevy pickup truck
Green Chevy pickup truck
Classic Dodge pickup truck
Vintage Chevy pickup truck
Chevy S-10 with Lambo-style doors
Beige classic Ford pickup truck
Green Chevy Apache pickup
White marlboro police Hummer
Red Ford pickup truck
blue 1963 chevy pickup truck with hood up
lowered chevy sport truck slammed on the ground at car show
lowered sport truck on airbags at car show
lowered chevy s10 sport truck
vintage 1950 pickup truck hot rod at car show
black dodge 150 pickup truck at car show
vintage chevy truck with all green paint job
prewar vintage antique dodge pickup truck at car show
white 1960 ford f series pickup truck
mazda b-series pickup truck car show
black jeep wrangler TJ at car show
blue vintage dodge pickup truck with custom wheels
vintage ford antique prewar truck
rear view of a lifted second gen chevy blazer
hot rod vintage ford truck with custom paint
hot rod chevy truck with louvered hood
SuperSummit2012-2 182

(Image/Summit Racing)



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Author: David Fuller

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