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Mopar Unveils 6 New Vehicles for the Easter Jeep Safari

Jelly beans, painted eggs, and chocolate bunnies are so 1965.

Since 1966, Jeep enthusiasts have found a different and slightly more adventurous way to celebrate the Easter holiday: the Easter Jeep Safari. For 46 years, Jeep owners have descended upon Moab, UT for a week of off-road enjoyment on some of the country’s more rugged and challenging trails.

As you spend the week fabricating excuses for why you can’t make it to the in-laws’ Easter feast–or trying to figure out how they get that cream inside those Cadbury eggs–the folks at Mopar and Jeep will be tooling around the Easter Jeep Safari in six newly unveiled vehicles.

Here’s a look at Mopar’s Easter Jeep Safari vehicles:

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