For St. Patricks Day, we were going to share a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage. But we can’t cook–and we didn’t know where to send your invitation.

Instead, we opted to whip up something everyone can appreciate: a St. Patrick’s photo gallery of some of our favorite green hot rods from various shows and events. It was easier to prepare, there’s something for everyone’s tastes, and frankly, we like the smell of internal combustion from hot rods better than the smell of internal combustion from cabbage and green beer.

Grab a bowl of Lucky Charms, order up a Shamrock Shake, or (insert your favorite St. Patrick’s Day cliche here); and enjoy our St. Patrick’s Day parade of green hot rods. Let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

row of plymouth superbirds at a classic car reunion
Green Plymouth Duster Custom Street Machine
Second Gen Chevy Camaro Coupe Z28
Green fourth gen chevy camaro Z28 coupe
green 1969 chevy camaro z/28
green second-gen pontiac gto convertible custom
green custom lowrider prewar coupe show car
custom fwd speedster style hot rod roadster
green custom first gen chevy camaro convertible show car
1954 green chevy bel air custom show car
green custom chevy chevelle ss drag car
vintage show truck with custom green paint job
green ford prewar truck hot rod with v8 engine
green cutlass 442 on display at an indoor car show with wheels off
green custom hot rod roadster in a car show
green fuselage era plymouth road runner
lowered green show truck on display at a indoor car show
front grille shot of a classic hot rod
green custom prewar hot rod in a car show
1967 ford mustang fastback coupe
green custom ford mustang at car show
row of custom motorcycles at indoor car show
falconstein nostalgia gasser drag car
antique green farm tractor display at car show
john deere tractor at a car show
green custom american v-twin motorcycle
green chevy impala lowrider convertible show car
studebaker m29 weasel at car show
vintage green studebaker pickup truck
green ford hot rod with sbc v8
green nash metropolitan at a summit racing car show
custom studebaker pickup hot rod
1931 studebaker coupe





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Author: David Fuller

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