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Rodder’s Home Journal: Exploring Hot Rod Gifts for Every Room of the House


lithographs 2
Diner Mugs
Toilet Pump
Toilet Paper Holder
Toilet Seat Cover
Alarm clock radio
Turbo alarm clock
Business Card Holder
Engine Desk Lamps
Pub Seats
Neon Clocks
Revolving Wall Light
Crosley Pay Phone
Grease Gun Holder
Tin Signs
Tool Fridge
Motorhead Grill
BBQ Tool Set
Fire Rings

Larry Grossman Automotive Lithograph

Larry Grossman Automotive Lithograph

Crosley Archiver USB Turntable

Wrenchware Tableware Set

Mobilgas Diner Mug Set

1957 Chevy Napkin Holder/Salt and Pepper Shakers

6-Speed Machined Aluminum Toilet Pump

Machined Aluminum Toilet Paper Holder

Flamed Toilet Seat Cover

Crosley Corsair Alarm Clock Radio

Revolution Turbo Alarm Clock

Route 66 Afghan

PitStop Desk

Business Card Holders

Engine Desk Lamps

Pub Seats

SO-CAL Speed Shop Logo Neon Clock

Genuine Chevrolet Parts Revolving Wall Light

Crosley Replica Pay Phone

No-Drip Grease Gun Holder

Vintage Tin Signs

Mini Tool Fridge

Motorhead Grill

Five-piece BBQ Tool Set

Muscle Car Fire Ring

You’re a car guy. Your love for hot rodding doesn’t end when you close up the garage or shop and head inside your house for the night. You bring your passion for high performance everywhere, including your kitchen, den, office, and—dare we say it, even the bathroom. That’s why your friends at OnAllCylinders have put together this list  of hot rod-themed gift items for every room of the house.

Yes, parts and tools always make great gifts, but we’re ready to help you (or your dad, son, or other favorite gearhead) take your passion beyond the garage. Read on to find unique gift ideas and check out the slide show above for photos.


Den, family room, living room—whatever you call it, you’ll want to spend more time there after you trick it out with some cool car-themed items:

  • Automotive Lithographs by Larry Grossman: featured in galleries worldwide, these vibrant showpieces measure 19 inches x 25 inches and are available with a variety of different hot rod-themed or nostalgic images.
  • The Crosley Archiver USB Turntable (left): transfers vinyl records to digital files via computer and edits out cracks an pops for a clean recording. The 11.25-inch x 17.625-inch  x 13.75-inch Archiver Turntable also has a front-loading CD player, MP3 player input, cassette deck, AM/FM radio, and dual four-inch speakers for all-in-one musical entertainment.

Kitchen & Tailgate

Cook up a great big helping of horsepower and wash it down with a giant dose of octane! The Wrenchware Tableware (right) set features a stainless steel fork with box wrench end, spoon with open end wrench, and knife with a plier end. You can serve up your next cup of coffee with an old school feel with a Mobilgas Diner Mug Set.


You can’t be king of the hot rodding world without a proper throne! With these great gift items, you’ll practically be able to smell the exhaust fumes…


More project car ideas are conceived in the bedroom than anywhere else! Dream big and wake up on time with these items:

  • Crosley Corsair Alarm Clock Radio: reminiscent of 1950s car radios, this clock radio has chrome accents, illuminated analog tuner, and top-loading CD player.
  • Revolution Turbo Alarm Clocks: these alarm clocks look like high performance tachometers and blare with a throaty, high-revving V8 serenade that’ll wake any sleepy gearhead. Also available with AM/FM radio.



You gotta fund your hobby somehow. Fortunately, you can make your real work less of a chore with these items:

  • Hot Rod Business Card Holders: holders feature a satin black powdercoated finish and your choice of Willys, dragster, or other hot rod design (see slide show).
  • PitStop Desk: 57 1/4-inch x 27-inch desk (shown above) has a glass tabletop and stands 30 inches tall. It has a 14-inch x 8 1/2-inch spoiler-style tray and four 5-spoke locking casters.

Rec Room

Earn the right to call your rec room or basement a man cave by giving it the right quotient of manliness. These can help:

  • Billet Pub Seats: feature machined solid billet aluminum backrests in the shape of famous automotive logos—Chevy Bowtie, Ford Oval, Mustang, Dodge Ram, and more.
  • Logo Clocks: 15-inch chrome plated housings with famous vehicle logos on black faces.
  • Revolving Wall Lights: 18-inch lights feature fluorescent lighting, reversible rotation, and Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Shelby, or John Deere logo. Lights extend 24 inches from wall.
  • Crosley Replica Pay Phone: actual working 18.25-inch tall replica features push buttons arranged to look like the old rotary dial and includes a ringer and speaker volume control.


Car guys don’t need much—a working or non-working automobile, a good set of tools, and maybe some cold beer. In most cases, these essential items can all be found in one place: the garage. Why not make the most important room of the house a little more pleasant with cool gift items for the garage, including:

  • No-Drip Grease Gun Holder: ABS plastic grease gun holder mounts just about anywhere, accepts 14 ounce rigid- or flex-hose grease guns, and includes a catch tray to eliminate messy drips.
  • Vintage Tin Signs: classic tin signs deliver a nostalgic look—Route 66, Gulf, Phillips, and much more!
  • Tool Fridge: looks like a tool cabinet but holds lots of food and beverages! Measures 37 inches x 19 inches x 23 inches.

Deck & Outdoors

Think warm thoughts—or plan your Christmas in July party—with these unique gift possibilities:

  • BBQ Tool Sets: include stainless steel spatula, tongs, fork, and basting brush—all with your choice of high performance logo on the handles.
  • Portable Metal Fire Rings: 36-inch diameter fire rings features muscle car, hot rod, or race car designs laser-cut into the steel for a unique look.

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