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How to Set Valve Lash

Setting valve lash on an engine with a mechanical cam is a necessary evil. Most pro engine builders will tell you the lash on a race car should be checked […]

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The Basics of Setting and Adjusting Valve Lash

The designers of late model engines like the GM LS, Ford Modular engine, and the Chrysler Gen III Hemi have in many ways made it easy for performance enthusiasts. Not […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Making Valve Lash Adjustments with Little Engine Information

I just bought a cool ’70 Camaro with a 396 motor in it. The guy I bought it from said it had a “hot rod” camshaft in it. It idles […]

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Year in Review (Part 1): A Look Back at the Top OnAllCylinders Tech Stories of 2013

Editor’s Note: The year 2013 gave us the C7 Chevrolet Corvette and took from us performance legends like Dean Jeffries and Stu Hilborn. We had a light-hearted look at the half-dozen […]

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Lashing Out: How to Adjust Valve Lash

Setting valve lash isn’t hot rod voodoo. It’s not some sort of mechanical magic or wrenching witchcraft reserved for the automotive illuminati either.  So why do some people seem so […]

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Camshafts 101: A Glossary of Camshaft and Valvetrain Terms

If the rotating assembly is the heart and soul of your engine, then the camshaft is the brain. The camshaft controls the movement of the entire valvetrain, telling the valves […]