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Clash of the Turbo Titans: Summit vs. eBay Turbos

Turbos rule. If you’re a turbo guy (or gal), there has never been a better time to be an enthusiast. Just look around, turbos are everywhere and on everything. Not […]

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Turbo Talk: Basic Guide to Choosing a Turbo for Your Diesel

Every light duty modern diesel for the past two-plus decades has been forced induction, but there’s only so much your stock turbo can do. If you want more horsepower than the stock […]

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Intercooler Guide (Part 1): Air-to-Air vs. Liquid-to-Air Intercoolers–and Which is Right for You

Turbochargers are somewhat of a glamour product. They make big power and, along with superchargers and nitrous, are considered part of the holy triumvirate of automotive power adders. Turbos are not only common aftermarket […]