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Mailbag: Aluminum vs. Steel Roller Rocker Arms in High-Mileage Fleet Vehicles

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. We work with the Summit Racing tech department to tackle your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re talking about aluminum vs. steel roller rockers and rocker […]

Ford 300 straight six lifter noise
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Mailbag: Troubleshooting Unwanted Lifter Noise

Q: Last year, I rebuilt my Ford 300 cubic-inch straight-six engine. The head was shaved .010”, the valve seats were reground, and the crank resized. The block was bored and cleaned […]

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Quick Tech: How to Break In Stamped Steel Rocker Arms

Stamped steel rocker arms are common on budget crate engines, and many race classes require the use of stamped steel rockers. Because they do not feature a roller bearing pivot, […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Rocker Arm Failure and Ways to Prevent It

I race a Corvette in the vintage road race classes and I have had a rash of broken rocker arms. The rules prevent me from converting to roller rockers. Is […]

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Mailbag: How Rocker Ratio Affects Performance

You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re examining how changing rocker arm ratio can help performance. T.Y.  Thornton, IL […]

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Off Your Rocker: 4 Reasons It Might be Time to Step up to Shaft-Mount Rockers

When Chevy’s small block debuted in 1955, it didn’t take long for it to be regarded as a marvel of performance engineering, particularly when it came to its innovative valvetrain. […]

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Video: How to Choose a Rocker Arm Mounting Style

Which rocker arm mounting system is best for your application? You’ll find out by watching this five-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. In it, the Summit Racing crew will explain […]

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Rock On: 3 Ways to Increase Power with a Rocker Arm Change

Rocker arms are among the most stressed components in your engine—and the most important, too. They’re essentially tasked with transferring movement from the camshaft lobes to the valves, making them […]

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Product Profile: Scorpion Racing Shaft Mount Rocker Arms

Good news motorsports competitors: Scorpion Racing Products offers shaft mount rocker arms. Shaft mount rockers are ideal for high-rpm applications, including circle track, dirt track, and drag racing engines, because they increase […]

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Mailbag: Rocker Arm Ratio…What Does it Mean?

Got questions?  We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re covering rocker arm ratio and how it affects performance. S.B. • Atlanta, GA […]