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Mailbag: What Does a PCV Valve Do?
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Mailbag: What Does a PCV Valve Do?

Q: What is the purpose of a PCV valve? A: The PCV valve is an important part of your crankshaft ventilation system. It serves a few primary function related to […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Choose (or Build Your Own) PCV System to Control Oil Vapor

I have a 472-cubic-inch engine in my ’69 Cadillac and I have a problem with oil vapor covering my nice new aluminum valve covers. I had a PCV valve on the […]

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How it Works: Better Performance with Moroso’s Air/Oil Separator

Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) systems were created for a reason. These systems alleviate combustion pressure from an engine’s crankcase by using engine vacuum to suck the pressure out of the crankcase. […]