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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Troubleshooting Low Oil Pressure on a Freshly-Built Chevy 454 Big Block

I recently built a Gen VI 454 big block Chevy street engine that came out of a late model Chevy truck. I had the local machine shop do all the […]

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Video: Tricks & Tools to Pressure Lube a Modern Engine

Recently, we ran an article on knowing the difference between oil pump primers. While the story focused on earlier V8s with distributor-driven oil pumps, we also touched briefly on modern […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Diagnosing Oil Pressure Drops in a Big Block Chevy

I have a big-block Chevy in a ‘69 El Camino that I just purchased. I really don’t know much about the engine other than it is a 454 with an […]

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Mailbag: Why Has My Cam Swap Caused Oil Pressure Loss?

Q: I have a Chevy Silverado K20 pickup with a 350. The engine is basically stock but is bored .030-inch over, has flat top pistons, and an Edelbrock Performer intake and 600 […]

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Mailbag: Low Oil Pressure and How it Affects Your Engine Bearings

  Q: I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me: Could low oil pressure (15-20 psi) spin a main bearing or otherwise ruin an engine? How can you […]

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Mailbag: Diagnosing Insufficient Oil Pressure & Oil Starvation

  Q: I have a 1985 Camaro Z/28 with the 305 TPI in it. When I was just cruising around, I glanced at my oil pressure gauge. One minute it was normal, […]

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Quick Guide to Diagnosing Common Oil System Problems

Your dad probably taught you the importance of checking a vehicle’s oil level shortly after you got your first Big Wheel. And right around potty training, he probably also trained you to “change […]

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Mailbag: Diagnosing Oil Pressure Fluctuation

You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re helping looking at oil pressure fluctuation and whether it could mean potential problems. […]