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Top Fan Ride of January: Heath’s 1978 Ford F-350 Monster Truck

The story of Heath’s journey to monster truck nirvana started out as you would expect. He grew up in a family of 4×4 enthusiasts and never missed a chance to […]

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The BIGFOOT Diaries (Part 2): More Monster Truck Midlife Misadventures

A note from BIGFOOT: I turned 40 this year. And I went through something of a midlife crisis. This is the second part of my story. You can read the first […]

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The BIGFOOT Diaries: A Major Milestone Brings a Monster Crisis to BIGFOOT #1

How old is 40 in truck years? I’ve gotten that question a lot. Turns out it’s still 40. And at 40 years old, even a successful, accomplished monster truck isn’t […]

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Video: Runte Sets Guinness World Record for Monster Truck Jump

Want more visual proof that monster truck guys are out-of-their-mind crazy? Check out this video of Team Summit driver Dan Runte at last weekend’s Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree. He goes all Lebron […]

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Video: Ride Along with BIGFOOT GoPro-Style

Ever wonder what it’s like to ride in a monster truck? So did some other genius. Great idea + Summit Racing BIGFOOT monster truck + GoPro camera = this video. […]