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Bonneville Speed Week Update: Thompson Breaks Record; Carbinite LSR on Cusp

(Image/BangShift) Wait. Challenger? That thing got a HEMI in it? Actually, it has two. And those two 500-cubic-inch V8s powered Danny Thompson’s Challenger 2 streamliner to a new 406.7 miles-per-hour […]

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Chasing 500 MPH: Land Speed Racers Use ‘Secret’ Track to Stay Ready for Bonneville

NORWALK, OH — It’s a big world, but not even Earth offers many places for 500-miles-per-hour land speed racing. Outside of the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, only south Australia’s […]

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Pennsylvania Racers Aim for 500 MPH in Wheel-Driven Land Speed Car

They built it to be the world’s fastest wheel-driven car—ever. No rockets. No jet propulsion. Just good old-fashioned, turbocharged American muscle. The Carbinite LSR streamliner looks more like a fighter […]