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Popular Racer and TV Host Jessi Combs, 39, Dies During Speed Record Attempt

Jessi Combs, a popular automotive TV personality, racer, and car builder died this week in a crash while attempting a new land-speed record in Oregon. Combs was 39. The record […]


2018 Speed Week Update: Danny Thompson Sets New 448.757-MPH Record at Bonneville

Driving his Challenger II land speed record car, Danny Thompson set a new AA/Streamliner record at the 2018 SCTA Speed Week in Bonneville, UT with a two-run average of 448.757 […]

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Check Out This Homemade Belly Tank Salt Flats Racer

During World War II, long-range fighter and bomber aircraft were equipped with “Belly Tanks” or “Drop Tanks” full of fuel which extended their range for long-distance flights. After the war, […]

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Project Bloodhound SSC: A 1,000 MPH Land Speed Car with a Deeper Purpose

What does it take to reach 1,000 miles-per-hour…on land? A lot of math, science, and engineering—along with a team smart enough to put it all together. Bloodhound SSC is a […]