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Beware the 13mm Square Drive Drain Bolt: A Mechanic’s Horror Story (Read On…IF YOU DARE!)

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. Lightning crackled across the sky, briefly overpowering the cacophony of howling winds and driving rain slamming against the garage door. …But the bad […]

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Get Inspired for Halloween with These Cars that Dressed up as Other Cars

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Halloween is a holiday made for polishing apples as much as it is for bobbing for them. Every October, people everywhere […]

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Christine’s Back! 5 Cars That Should Play Her Role if the Remake is Set in the Present Day

News from Hollywood trickled out earlier this month that John Carpenter’s classic horror movie adaptation “Christine” is getting a remake. Based on a novel by Steven King, “Christine” is essentially […]

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Photo Gallery: Trunk or Treat 2019 Halloween Cruise-In

TALLMADGE, OH — We spotted a guy who unironically looks like Santa Claus repositioning a skeleton that was displayed inside of a casket in the back of a hearse. And […]

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Wicked Rides: Our Top 10 Obscure Horror/Sci-Fi Cars

While we were binge-watching Stranger Things last night, the OnAllCylinders staff noticed how important the role cars have in the series. Whether it’s Hopper’s trusty Blazer, Joyce’s humble Pinto, or […]

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Photo Gallery: 2016 Summit Racing Halloween Family Cruise

Quick: What’s the best use of your hot rod before storing it for the winter? If you answered, “wrapping it in Halloween decorations and scaring kids,” you might be the perfect […]

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Photo Gallery: Summit Racing Halloween Cruise

Trunk or treat events are big these days. In case you don’t know, trunk or treat is a Halloween event in which adults gather in a community parking lot, decorate […]

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Report: 2 Aliens Dead, 1 on Loose After UFO Crash in Norwalk

Are you ever too old to engage in some good, old-fashioned Halloween shenanigans? Not if you’re Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH kicking off the 41st Annual Halloween […]

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Go Automotive Ghost Hunting in the World’s Largest Classic Car Graveyard

OK, it’s more like a junkyard than a graveyard. Actually, it’s probably more automotive museum than junkyard, but Old Car City USA in White, GA is the final resting place […]

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Photo Gallery: The Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Celebrate All Hallows Eve with us by perusing our latest photo gallery. Some are frightening because of the imagery. Some are frightening because of the design. But all […]