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Photo Gallery: Trunk or Treat 2019 Halloween Cruise-In

TALLMADGE, OH — We spotted a guy who unironically looks like Santa Claus repositioning a skeleton that was displayed inside of a casket in the back of a hearse. And […]

Phantasm Cuda
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Wicked Rides: Our Top 10 Obscure Horror/Sci-Fi Cars

While we were binge-watching Stranger Things last night, the OnAllCylinders staff noticed how important the role cars have in the series. Whether it’s Hopper’s trusty Blazer, Joyce’s humble Pinto, or […]

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Report: 2 Aliens Dead, 1 on Loose After UFO Crash in Norwalk

Are you ever too old to engage in some good, old-fashioned Halloween shenanigans? Not if you’re Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH kicking off the 41st Annual Halloween […]

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Halloween Quiz: Naming our Top 10 Scariest Car Names Ever

Don’t be afraid. Name the cars in our Halloween quiz below to help us fill out our list of Top 10 scariest automobile names of all time (in no particular […]

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Go Automotive Ghost Hunting in the World’s Largest Classic Car Graveyard

OK, it’s more like a junkyard than a graveyard. Actually, it’s probably more automotive museum than junkyard, but Old Car City USA in White, GA is the final resting place […]

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Photo Gallery: The Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Celebrate All Hallows Eve with us by perusing our latest photo gallery. Some are frightening because of the imagery. Some are frightening because of the design. But all […]

1970 Chevy Nova from Death Proof
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Our Favorite Scary Vehicles From Movies and TV

Halloween is tomorrow. And that means, more candy, more It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and more really scary TV shows and movies. It also means tonight is Devil’s Night—a […]

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13 Scary Halloween Costume Ideas…for Your Shifter?

Maybe your days of dressing up for trick-or-treat are long gone. Or maybe you’re one of those pillowcase-toting guys that still likes to suit up for candy-beggin’ and house-eggin.’ Sure, you’ve got […]

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A Halloween Salute to the World’s #1 Monster

Halloween quiz: Who or what is your favorite pop culture monster of all time? A) Freddy Krueger B) Jason C) the Creeper (from Scooby-Doo) D) Frankenstein If you responded with […]