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Fueling Around: Ideas for Routing Fuel Lines

It’s really easy to get into trouble when routing fuel lines in your car.  A couple of issues include keeping the line away from rotating parts (for example, a spinning […]

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Mailbag: What Do I Need to Run E85 Fuel?

Q: I want to run E85 in my car. What should I know before changing fuels? … A: Many of us have seen the cars making huge power on E85 […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Matching Fuel Pumps, Lines & Injectors for Max Power

I need help understanding EFI high pressure fuel systems. I have researched all over but the answer eludes me. What determines line size? I’m trying to build a Whipple Supercharged […]

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Video: How to Choose a Fuel Pressure Regulator for Carbureted Engines

In today’s video, Jeremy Stoermer with Holley Performance is going to teach you how to choose a fuel pressure regulator for a carbureted engine setup. Stoermer will explain how understanding […]

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Why You Should Locate Fuel Pressure Regulators Near the Engine

  I am making plans for an LS-swapped Chevelle with all kinds of cool parts, so I’m building the car in my head. I’ve seen lots of people use that […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: External Fuel Pump or In-Tank Fuel Pump for My EFI?

I’m thinking of installing an electric fuel pump in my ’69 Mustang. It has a small block and carburetor on it right now and eventually I’m going to run one […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Revisiting Common Causes and Cures for Vapor Lock

What exactly is vapor lock? The weather is warming up now and last summer I had trouble with my small block Nova dying a various times when he engine ran […]